4 Reasons There Is No Need To Buy the Latest iPhone

4 Reasons There Is No Need To Buy the Latest iPhone

Every year, the latest and greatest Apple iPhone hits the market, promising buyers it’ll be better and faster than last year’s. The reality is that most new versions feature the same functions as last year or the years before it. With a hefty price tag and barely anything new or exciting, we took the time to explore the top reasons there is no need to buy the latest iPhone. Hopefully, we’ll save you a few dollars and clarify whether to buy new or old.

The Upfront, Unobtainable Price Tag

Regardless of how you split the cost, whether monthly or lump sum, the price of a new iPhone will cost you. Each release comes with a series of phones with a different price tag. This allows you to choose the option that suits your needs best. But it’s essential to note that all new versions will be expensive, which makes them less attainable. You can achieve a new-phone feeling without buying the most expensive version by purchasing a new-to-you, refurbished option and skipping the payments or large lump sum.

New Versions Don’t Offer New Features

The new versions will offer exciting features, which will help you justify the price tag. But you shouldn’t ignore the fact that it’s usually only a new color series, an updated camera, and various size options. These are all achievable with old versions, and buying a phone case can give you any color you want. With the many released versions, you can browse the refurb market to find any version or color you’re looking for and skip the new version.

Old Versions Offer Excellent Cameras

Older versions don’t just stop working because a new one gets unveiled. Realistically, unless your iPhone has experienced water damage or an internal malfunction, you can continue to use it for the foreseeable future. And if your current iPhone begins experiencing trouble, you can invest in a new-to-you refurbished Apple iPhone and pay a fraction of the cost. This will give you an updated phone that doesn’t have troubles like your current one.

Buying Older Is Better for the Environment

Each time somebody purchases the newest version, they set their old, perfectly capable version to the side where it collects dust. These devices don’t break down and return to the environment naturally, nor do they help reduce waste. Instead, they increase it. Buying a perfectly good, older version that’s new to you and offers you what you need is a reason why there is no need to buy the latest iPhone. Reduce waste, save money, and achieve your goals with older iPhones.

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