Refurbished Equipment Warranty

Here at Wisetek, we pride ourselves on providing a dependable refurbished equipment warranty for all our R2-certified refurbished laptops, MacBooks, Chromebooks, phones, tablets, monitors, and desktops. Designed for your peace of mind, our refurbished electronics warranty guarantees that each product undergoes thorough testing to meet our highest standards, ensuring full functionality and readiness for reuse. Additionally, our electronic repair terms and conditions promise that in the unlikely event of a defect, we deliver excellent service, whether this entails repairs, a replacement, or a refund, in alignment with our customer's needs. Learn about our refurbished warranty for your equipment.

  • Wisetek Market refurbished equipment (laptops, macbooks, chromebooks, phones, tablets, monitors, and desktops) which is sold for the purpose of personal use comes with a free 12-month warranty
  • These items may also be returned within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked.
  • Chargers or accessories are not included.
  • The above excludes any items sold under the Wisetek Market Reseller program.
  • Products purchased under the Wisetek Market Reseller program come with a free 30 day warranty only. Returns will only be accepted for faults or defects.
  • Warranty is not transferrable and the warranty is voided if the product is re-sold to another person or company
  • International Returns are not covered.
  • Manufacturer Warranty is not included with the product unless stated on the listing



Under Wisetek Market warranty, we can opt to repair, replace or offer a refund for products found to be faulty, provided that:

  1. You have proof of purchase within the last 12 months
  2. You notify Wisetek immediately after you have identified a fault or defect
  3. You adhere to proper use and maintenance of the product as well as adhere to the user instructions as stated in the manual of the manufacturer. 


  • All Refunds may take up to 15 business days to be processed. 




The scope of the warranty does not extend to:

  1. Expandable parts, such as external memory cards or caps for camera or lenses.
  2. Damage to fragile product elements such as glass, display, and lenses
  3. Consumable items such as batteries (if the battery life remains in line with the specifications of the manufacturer)
  4. Slight discrepancies between the actual condition and the nominal condition of the product that does not affect the functionality
  5. Errors or damage due to faulty operation of the product, damage caused by the environment, chemicals, or cleaning fluids
  6. Product damage caused by assembly/installation or transport


In case of irresponsible, irregular, or improper use, the warranty is voided.

Examples of improper/irresponsible use are:

  1. Broken display and/or casing
  2. Water damage
  3. Electrical damage caused by chargers that are not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device
  4. Download and installation of software not approved by the manufacturer of the purchased device (incl. apps etc.)


The warranty is also voided in case of:

  1. Non-compliance with the assembly, maintenance, or care instructions in the user manual
  2. Damage associated with regular wear and tear (i.e., signs of usage on the casing and/or display) or deliberate damage
  3. Transfer of products outside of the US
  4. Improper activation
  5. Careless or faulty maintenance
  6. Damage that was evidently caused by the improper use of the device
  7. Damage caused by the environment or acts of nature (i.e., natural disasters) including but not limited to flooding, fire, or frost
  8. Opening up the device or having it repaired by another person or entity other than the appropriate merchant (as long as the merchant does not explicitly consent to this in written form)