4 Reasons To Choose an Android Phone Over an iPhone

4 Reasons To Choose an Android Phone Over an iPhone

In the great text bubble debate—blue texts or green texts—which are you? There are many reasons for people to choose the devices they do these days, from price to camera quality and everything in between. And while all feelings on the matter are valid, we explore the top reasons an Android is a go-to phone over the iPhone.

The Android Affordability

It’s no secret that Android phones showcase more features than iPhones. But when you look to buy a new device, the iPhone will cost you more. Many love its sleek and simple user interface, but an Android is a go-to for those looking to invest in the most cost-effective long-term solution with more features.

Once these devices hit the refurb market, Android will remain affordable with more user features and capabilities. The valuation differences, whether new or like-new, remain among the top reasons for many choosing an Android phone over an iPhone.

User-Friendly Hardware

Both phones offer drastically different operating systems and hardware collections. Some could argue the iPhone is easier to understand, while others could argue the Android allows for more user compatibility with the increased hardware. But when you compare both to their values, you get more opportunities with an Android compared to an iPhone.

For comparison, the pixel density of the S22 Ultra is 500ppi, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is 460ppi. The rear camera on the S22 features a quad setup, and the iPhone 14 only includes three.

Curate Custom Experiences

When someone wants a completely custom experience with their phone, Android is the best option. Through the phone’s app store or settings, users can customize almost every aspect of the phone with keyboard variations, layout themes, or a new launcher, for example.

The options remain endless for Android users regarding their customization features. For users who rely on their devices for work or income, the customization experience significantly affects their efficiency.

Master Multitasker

Aside from the affordability benefits, another reason many choose an Android phone over an iPhone is because of its multitasking capabilities. This is an extension of the customization experiences because it’s a personal preference.

An Android allows users to work on various screens and applications simultaneously, creating a more computer-like user experience and aiding in production. This multitasking capability is a significant benefit for busy individuals or those who rely on their devices for work.

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