Benefits of Refurbished Devices for Students and Educators

Benefits of Refurbished Devices for Students and Educators

Education systems all over continue to struggle with tight budgets and reduced access to basic supplies. And now more than ever, families are struggling to extend their budgets to meet the needs of each school year. With technology changing the face of education as we know it, having affordable access to devices is a mandatory part of offering and receiving a fair education.

School systems are responsible for providing reliable devices for each student to support education efforts and support the district’s families and evolving demands. Below, we explore the various benefits of refurbished devices for students and educators and why school systems should buy like-new instead of brand-new technology.

Cost-Effective Tech Solutions

Understandably, affordability remains a hindering priority for all involved, from educators and guardians to students and everyone in between. The cost of supplying an entire school system with new technology is typically beyond budget. Rather than buying all brand-new technology, investing in refurbished devices is an excellent opportunity to acquire what’s necessary while saving money.

All students deserve access to education, and educators should be able to offer their intended curriculum as they deem necessary. When each student has a device, these goals are achievable, whether they’re in the classroom or learning virtually. But not allocating funds appropriately to supply everyone with a device can alter these experiences drastically. Refurbished devices perform the same functions as brand-new devices and remain the most cost-effective tech solution for education systems.


In addition to their cost-saving benefits, refurbished devices enable a tech-for-all approach in each school. Often, a tight budget will only support a specified allotment of devices or gadgets, leaving some or a few students out of receiving these devices. Some school systems implement rigid requirements for who will or won’t receive a device, ensuring they distribute their devices in a way they deem fair. But this can be limiting for those who don’t meet the baseline requirement.

Refurbished devices pave the path for each student and educator to receive a quality device, regardless of limitations or requirements. These cost-effective solutions allow schools to lift qualifying standards and simply pass out a device to everyone, offering the promised fair education.

In a restricted budget situation, schools should also implement device standards and guidelines to ensure people don’t mistreat them to receive new ones. These guidelines will look different depending on grade levels and demographics, so it’s vital to be just and transparent about them.

Improved Sustainability Efforts for the School

Recycling is a significant aspect of a school system, and by implementing these standards, students can learn by example and follow suit. But one area often overlooked is technology and how much waste it creates when perfectly good devices make their way to the dump.

When an entire school system invests in a bulk allotment of refurbished devices, this contributes significantly to waste reduction efforts and improves the school’s sustainability. These measures have an impact on students, educators, and guardians and help support the movement for a greener future.

Risk Reduction Management

The reality of handing students technology is that they may experience malfunctions or not have the control to reduce damage. And giving them a brand-new device is an incredibly risky thing to do when you weigh the pros and cons of proper care and handling. Investing in refurbished devices at a more affordable price allows for increased risk reduction management.

If a student accidentally breaks the device, it’s a few hundred dollars to replace instead of thousands or beyond. Additionally, refurbished devices come with return policies and warranties. So if there’s an issue with the device outside the student’s control, the vendor can lend a hand by offering a care plan to find a viable solution.

Streamlined Access to Like-New Devices

If a new device is the most feasible step forward for a student or educator, finding one in a timely manner with a refurbishment supplier is easy. Accessing like-new devices from the original vendor is as simple as placing another order or calling to request a new-to-you device. When buying new devices, schools often do some research to ensure they allocate funds appropriately for them. This process takes time.

Establishing a partnership with a reputable refurb supplier is a guarantee of access to like-new devices in a more streamlined way. This can save time in the school and divert any communication breakdowns along the way. Students and educators rely on their devices for most of their workflows, so it’s necessary to maintain access to them.

Device Warranty Coverages

A refurbished device should come with supportive warranty coverage. And if it doesn’t, you may need to find a new vendor. Because these devices serve educational purposes, you need a warranty that extends beyond 90 days.

The best type of warranty for students and educators is a one-year warranty, so ensure your vendor offers this with each purchase. This covers the school year without question and ensures you have timely access to issue resolution if necessary. Additionally, most return policies only support the first month. Therefore, an extended warranty through the first year is helpful because it can cover the various devices you invest in and their distinct operating systems for a long time.

Continued Partnerships With Vendors

One of the most significant benefits of refurbished devices for students and educators is the established and continued partnerships with vendors. When a school system partners with a reputable vendor one school year, they can rely on them in the school years to come and work out deals, bulk discounts, and device exchange programs. Not only can this save time and money, but it ensures schools can uphold a tech-for-all approach. At the same time, a small refurb vendor maintains their business, so both sides benefit.

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Benefits of Refurbished Devices for Students and Educators