How To Troubleshoot Common Issues With Refurbished Devices

How To Troubleshoot Common Issues With Refurbished Devices

Buying a refurbished device is a cost-effective way to test out the technology you’ve had your eye on for a while. These devices are like new, with a trusted warranty program to ensure purchase protection. Doing the research to make sure you’re buying a quality device and making the purchase are the fun parts. But sometimes, you can experience a series of common refurbished device issues that you may need to troubleshoot to overcome. We explore those below.

Device Setup Issues

Because a refurb device is technically pre-loved and pre-owned, the old owner setting preferences and device setup may still affect its performance. Even after a reputable refurbishment supplier recycles the device and erases old settings, you may find that you still need to erase and restart the device to begin setting it up the way you like it.

Go through the device’s settings and complete a factory or device reset so that you can begin working with it from scratch. From here, you can complete additional updates to enhance performance.

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Connecting the device to your location’s Wi-Fi network is one of the very first steps you’ll take after powering up the device. This will help you access all the device’s capabilities and secure a connection to the web.

It’s common for a refurbished device to struggle with connecting to a new network when the system might have a backlog of prior networks stored in its memory. This is as simple as cleaning out the device if no one has previously done so. If you’re buying the device from a reputable vendor, they should have already erased all prior networks. You should receive the device in a like-new state, enabling you to connect to your secure network.

Powering Up or Down Issues

If you’re unfamiliar with your new-to-you device, you may not understand its needs regarding powering up or down, which can create minor challenges. For example, powering up the device for the first time may present challenges as the device reconfigures and imports any updates.

When the device struggles to power up or down, consider going through the settings to check for device or application updates. Once complete, restart the device and see if the problem has resolved itself. If the device continues to struggle with powering up or down, partner with the refurb vendor to discuss warranty and return options.

Operating System Issues

A relatively common troubleshooting issue with refurbished devices is operating system malfunctions. The operating system may need an update when a device goes through reconditioning and returns to the market.

If you begin experiencing issues after purchase but feel the device works fine with your network, consider completing an operating system update to bring the device up to speed and enhance its performance. Typically, an out-of-date operating system will create most performance-related issues. Thankfully, that’s resolvable.

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