Refurbished vs. New: Which Is Better for Your Budget?

Refurbished vs. New: Which Is Better for Your Budget?

Whether something borrowed, something old, or something new, a desktop computer that you can count on is essential. We’ll walk you through what you should look for in a refurbished PC to determine which is better for your budget: a new or refurbished desktop.

What “Refurbished” Means

Words have specific meanings, and when people use certain words interchangeably, their true definitions can become a bit fuzzy. In this case, “used” and “refurbished” are two words that are somewhat similar but ultimately completely different.

Sellers may incorrectly advertise an open-box return or a slightly used desktop computer as a refurbished one. In reality, this situation implies that someone opened the box of the PC, only to change their mind about wanting it after the fact. On the other hand, a refurbished PC entails someone wiping, cleaning, and repairing it to improve performance. Unfortunately, there’s no legal distinction between the two definitions.

However, knowing what refurbished should mean helps you understand if it’s a wise choice. It’s even possible that a refurbished computer could run more smoothly than a new one while being less expensive.

The Range of “Like New”

Now that you understand what refurbished means, there’s another marketing ploy worth breaking down. “Like new” is another term you will see, but its meaning is broad. “Like new” could mean anything from an open-box return to a completely refurbished computer after years of heavy use. The hard drive may be new after crashing, a cracked screen may have been fixed, or there might be all-new software. Therefore, if you see a PC advertised as “like new,” ask about it. Think of it as asking for the CARFAX when purchasing a used car.

Who Does the Refurbishing?

You can buy a refurbished desktop computer in two ways, each with benefits. The first option is going with the original manufacturer. This route is generally the safest option because it’s guaranteed your computer will arrive in the correct packaging and be as close to new as possible. Look for the label “factory-certified” to pursue this option.

The other option is letting a third party—like us—do the refurbishing. Many people go with the manufacturer’s route because going with a third party can be risky. However, choosing Wisetek Market is anything but risky. We have a remarkable team of experts working on refurbishing and fortifying desktops to ensure you get the best possible version imaginable of your preferred choice.

Making the Grade

Just as we use letter grades to gauge the quality of academic work, we use letter grades to gauge the quality of refurbished products such as desktop computers. The scale for electronics is an A-to-C grading scale, with “A-Grade” representing the highest quality and “C-Grade” representing the lowest. However, the criteria for each grade are somewhat subjective.

  • A-Grade: As “like new” as possible. Virtually untouched, with no visual flaws.
  • B-Grade: Slight imperfections such as chips or dents. It may indicate some usage, like a faded keyboard.
  • C-Grade: Noticeable damage that’s aesthetically unsettling. USB ports are not working. The unclear image on the LCD screen is due to discoloration or scratches.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter whether a refurbished computer looks perfect on the outside or not. What matters is that it has the same high-functioning components and security as any other computer.

Extended Warranties

If a product has an “as-is” label, you can assume that any implicit guarantee is void, and you should steer clear. There is a chance that the purchased PC won’t even function correctly. After all, a device’s ability to power on does not indicate its connectivity to the internet or any other network.

At a minimum, a PC should power up, establish an internet connection, and allow you to video chat with minimal lag and a clear picture. However, you want to ensure enough time to use your PC and gauge its functionality in case issues arise. Therefore, inquiring with the vendor directly about any guarantees or warranties will provide the greatest results.

Rarely do third-party vendors offer an additional warranty on top of the manufactured one—but we’re not like most third-party vendors. Wisetek Market provides a year-round warranty for a refurbished PC. We want to strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction and want you to feel confident you’re taken care of with this warranty.

Return Policy

Some items have issues that aren’t immediately apparent, so a return policy must be in place. You don’t want to assume you can return a refurbished PC after being dissatisfied for two weeks, only to get the “too bad, so sad” treatment from the vendor.

Again, the “as-is” label is a telltale sign that there isn’t an additional warranty or return option. You should only gamble on an “as-is” option over a new or fully refurbished PC if the deal is so drastically beneficial or if you rarely use your PC. But if you plan on spending a lot of time on your desktop, the price cut isn’t worth the likely lack of a much-needed return policy.

Always read the small print before making any purchase, especially when purchasing used products. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about receiving a bad deal with Wisetek Market because we offer a free 30-day return policy, no questions asked, on top of the yearlong warranty.

The Breakdown: Is New or Reburbished Better?

After going into deep detail about all things refurbished, we can weigh the pros and cons and decide which is better for your budget: new or refurbished.

The primary selling point for a new computer is that it’s new. There’s a reason why a new car costs so much with zero miles on it and loses some of its value the second you drive it off the lot. A new computer has the same non-depreciated appeal. Also, new computers may come with a better original warranty from the manufacturer, and this insurance may help you rationalize the extra cost.

Still, that extra cost of buying new is a major deterrent to many people, causing them to opt for the refurbished variety. Ultimately, a reconditioned desktop computer is best for your budget. Of course, this assumes you’re not settling on C-grade options, which you won’t get at Wisetek Market. Our refurbished Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and HP desktops will please anyone looking for a fast, reliable PC without breaking the bank!

Refurbished vs. New: Which Is Better for Your Budget?