The Differences Between Refurbished and New MacBooks

The Differences Between Refurbished and New MacBooks

It’s no secret that buying a MacBook of any make or model is a high-dollar investment that some people simply aren’t willing to make. But if you’re eager to grab a new Mac, you can buy brand new or refurbished. Understanding the core differences between these two options is worthwhile so you can make an informed investment and feel good about using your new device. Below, we walk you through the differences between refurbished and new MacBooks to help you along.

Affordability Differences

One of the more obvious differences between the two options is the price. Buying a brand-new MacBook comes with a four-digit price tag that varies depending on your model. This is a hard pill to swallow when someone is looking for a second or subsequent device or purchasing it for a student.

Buying a refurbished MacBook has a more digestible price tag, but many people would argue its reliability is questionable. However, buying a refurbished Mac from a reputable seller is a safe bet. This protects the purchase with a warranty and guarantees you’re buying a quality device.

Cosmetic Condition Differences

Buyers will notice a cosmetic difference between new and refurbished MacBooks, though the extent depends on the refurbished device’s seller and previous use. And everyone knows a new Mac includes an unboxing experience, arrives in pristine condition, and contains all the original documentation and packaging.

Still, refurbished Macs make for an excellent alternative for student technology, replacement devices, or repeat purchases. If you’re concerned about the refurb device’s cosmetic condition, ask the seller for imagery to understand what it looks like before you receive it. Many refurbished-device retailers only offer like-new devices.

Operational Similarities

Despite the price tag differences and cosmetic variances, operations should run the same on either device. This is possible because reputable refurbished-device retailers will only offer marketable devices to buyers. If the device experiences issues, the return policy or warranty program will protect the buyer against potential snafus in the post-purchase period.

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