Understanding the Battery Life of Your Refurbished Laptop

Understanding the Battery Life of Your Refurbished Laptop

Buying a refurbished device is a great way to obtain the tech you need without paying the ultimate price. Refurbished devices like laptops undergo extensive reconditioning before selling, but the device's battery may be unreliable. It's vital to understand the battery life of your refurbished laptop to optimize its performance and get the most out of the device.

Where Did You Buy the Laptop?

A device's battery is an easily testable feature for sellers and buyers. The seller is the initial tester for how well the device performs, so consider the seller your go-to source of viability. If you bought the laptop from a friend who claims they can recondition devices, they might not have tended to the device's battery. The laptop may not have received the necessary treatment before you acquired it.

If you bought the laptop from a professional and reputable vendor, you would know that the devices go through a technology sustainability program and receive thorough testing and care before reselling. A reliable vendor will re-market laptops they know can perform.

Research the Battery Specifications Before Purchasing

When you have your eyes on a specific refurbished laptop, consider researching it to learn how the battery should perform. Understanding the battery life of your refurbished laptop will require you to recognize its baseline performance, such as charge cycles and running performance rates. Learning that the laptop performs with 300 to 500 charge cycles and can run for at least eight hours at a time is a valuable insight into the technology once you receive it and begin using it.

Charge Before the First Use

Once you receive the laptop, charge it fully before your first use. This way, you can clearly gauge how quickly or slowly the battery drains and the quality of care from the seller.

If you know the battery should run up to eight hours on a full charge, and it drained in less than two, recall the seller's return policy and warranty program to understand your options. Alternatively, consider the purchase worthwhile if the device runs close to a full eight hours on a single charge.

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