Using a Tablet as a Second Monitor: 3 Tips and Tricks

Using a Tablet as a Second Monitor: 3 Tips and Tricks

While many may use their tablets for entertainment and reading, you can also put them to good use by making them a second display screen for your computer. Having two display screens is a game-changer for folks with a desktop full of saved files and open spreadsheets. Follow these three tips and tricks for using a tablet as a second monitor to help you easily sift through and cross-reference the necessary files.

1) Find the Right Apps

Regardless of the device, you’ll need to download apps to get your devices on the same wavelength. Apple’s app is iDisplay, Android is DuelDisplay, and Samsung is Spacedesk, but the process is generally the same.

With iDisplay, you can mirror your Mac’s display on your iPad via a USB connection. You must ensure both the Mac and iPad are on identical networks for it to work over a Wi-Fi connection. Once connected and ready to roll, you can restart the Mac and be ready for synchronization.

2) Let the Pairing Begin

After the reboot, click on the iDisplay icon on the computer to launch it. It’s possible a warning may appear, triggering the firewall, but it’s fine to proceed. With permission granted, both devices will be on the same network and ready to rock and roll.

Another popup after that will ask if you want to connect iDisplay to the tablet. There should be two options for “always allow” or “refuse.” But since two monitors are your end game, you will always want to allow them.

After this step, the iPad should alert you of devices you can connect to for pairing, allowing you to establish the connection between the two devices officially.

3) Optimize According To Your Preferences

Now that everything is working properly, optimizing your display according to your preferences is next. You can change the resolution in the settings menu in the upper right corner of the tablet. A low resolution will distort the images from your computer, making it look like it ate a Super Mario mushroom—everything is larger.

You can also make the necessary changes by right-clicking the iDisplay icon to access the “Display Arrangement” menu. At this juncture, select the best option that yields the best quality.

There may be a slight lag between the tablet and the computer depending on the Wi-Fi connection, the age of the device, and each machine’s graphics capabilities.

These three tips and tricks for using a tablet as a second monitor can be beneficial for finishing tasks or wanting something more convenient. Wisetek Market has a nice assortment of refurbished tablets ready to sync to your computer, giving you picture-perfect quality on two screens. Our brilliant team is responsible for the refurbishment, and we wouldn’t vet a product unless it didn’t meet our high standards.