What Is E-Waste (Electronic Waste) and Why Is It Important?

What Is E-Waste (Electronic Waste) and Why Is It Important?

Many people throw out electronics that are no longer useful. Sure, that iPhone 4 is taking up storage in a junk drawer, but throwing it in the garbage isn’t a good alternative. Tossing obsolete electronics in the garbage can be detrimental to the earth because they leak dangerous metals, such as mercury, lead, and chromium, into the natural environment.

Because of the damaging consequences of landfills, it’s vital to dispose of electronics safely. After learning about E-waste (electronic waste) and why it is important, you can find safe ways to discard your gadgets.

Defining E-Waste

According to the fine people of the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC), E-waste classifies any unwanted electronics or Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) as garbage. Businesses and households alike contribute to E-waste with improper disposal methods.

Some examples of E-waste include old laptops, LCD monitors, and televisions. It also includes antique items like a VCR or DVD player. If it’s electronic, it probably qualifies as E-waste.

Steps Taken for E-Waste Recycling

With how fast technology moves, what was new a year ago may be outdated within one or two years. Local and federal governments developed E-waste recycling to discourage the public from tossing obsolete gadgets in landfills.

The Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003 created a system where consumers may return potentially dangerous electronics for recycling and safe disposal.

In California, a new tax on selling televisions came to be on January 1, 2005. The funds from these additional payments go into a designated account to reimburse the expenses incurred by authorized E-waste collectors and recyclers.

The Dangerous Ramifications of E-Waste

We mentioned that E-waste produces dangerous chemicals that can hurt the environment. Unfortunately, many people do not take this threat seriously. Some folks think their single trash bag of electronic goods will hardly matter in the grand scheme of things. While this holds some truth, we’re in trouble when hundreds of millions have that same mindset!

When excessive E-waste crowds landfills, it can contaminate water supplies and soil. The landfill’s poisonous water problem extends far underground. The area’s freshwater, from the groundwater on up, comes from this system. If contaminated, it could lead to a fatal dose of poison to animals and even humans.

Learning what E-waste is and why it’s important puts things in perspective, hopefully making you think twice before discarding your iPod Nano you bought in middle school. When you handle E-waste safely, you get the chance to purchase an Apple refurbished MacBook at a fraction of the cost! Our refurbishing team at Wisetek Market ensures any gadget we take care of will be a gadget you can trust.