Wisetek Celebrates Global Recycling Day 2022


To mark Global Recycling Day on Friday, 18th March, Wisetek is calling on global companies to ethically manage the recycling of their waste and ensure that they have sustainable practices in place.

Wisetek has a dedicated environmental committee and Corporate Sustainable Initiatives programme in place, with the objective of continually improving the internal environmental policies and processes at its facilities across the USA, Ireland, the UK, the Middle East and Thailand. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Supporting Local Communities – The Deng Forest Community live in Kaeng Krachan National Park in Thailand, which is outside the current reach of the national electricity grid. In 2014 Wisetek initially donated 1,200 batteries to the community, in co-operation with the Thai Ministry for Energy and the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) to operate the installed solar panels that create an electricity source for the community. Since 2014, Wisetek has donated up to 9,600 batteries to the Deng Forest Community.
  • Environmental week is an annual event within Wisetek that aims to encourage employees to take part in environmental activities. This week focuses on the theme of “Waste Not, Want Not”, with staff taking part in activities and projects with reused materials that would otherwise be considered waste.
  • Employee WEEE Days are a service that Wisetek offer to our employees that enables them to bring in their electronic waste and it will be responsibly disposed of, free of charge.

Global Recycling Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on March 18th to demonstrate support for environmental protection. This global awareness day was established in 2018 to recognise and celebrate the importance of recycling in conserving our precious natural resources and ensuring the planet’s long-term sustainability. It is a day for the entire world to unite and prioritise the planet.

Sean Sheehan, CEO of Wisetek, said: “Recycling is a key element of sustainability, and it is a core practice for Wisetek, both internally and in the work, we do on behalf of customers. Wisetek has robust recycling systems in place at its facilities around the world, and also practices the recycling of e-waste materials every day in our work, which is one of the most rapidly growing waste categories.

Wisetek operates under the ethos of responsible, long-term data destruction on behalf of customers. I would like to encourage all of our employees to continue to adhere to ethical and sustainable practices in this area.”